Time On Our Hands



“Time’s Still on my Hands”
An original poem -2014
(Inspired by thoughts on quantum entanglement and love as a reincarnating force)

The Time that’s on these hands
No soap can hope to cleanse.
Though it’s a dirty
I don’t mind being.
See, the land of milk and honey
Through me up into the void.
I flew into the Sun.
Thought myself a bird of flame.
When the world went nova
The scars of a forgotten world
Marred deep, but not enough.
Time’s incessant rivers
Drove your memory to the sea.
A wave will crash.
And the sea spray will remind me,
Dimly, as morning dreams fade,
Of the love I shared with you.
And though the shadows of existence,
Of lives been lived before,
Of lovers loved and lost and
Eternal rumination cast their
Pallor over vague images of
What I thought I knew of you;
I know.
I know with a knowing hard to tell
That we have loved before.
And the power of that!
That we should bend time and space,
Rend the multiverse and pull
With an inexorable gravity
Through the interminable ether
Of a persistent metaphysic,
Back to each other!
What the odds?
That the hourglass be shattered
And the sands cast out
Across the vast expanse of creation,
And here,
We are.
On an island of our own.
Glad cast aways buoyed by our
Mutual affections.
And that… The misery.
In the wake of cosmic victory,
We wrote our love in these sands,
On the beach of time.
The tides came in.
The tides went out.
And washed our love away.
I bowed with dashing flare,
I thanked you for your time,
I smiled and watched you fade
From the other end of yours.
Your time stream bore you hence,
And our oceans on different worlds,
And my eyes on different eyes,
But our Time’s still on my hands
No soap can hope to cleanse.

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