The Heavenly Lake – Jilin, China

The Heavenly Lake - Jilin, China

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” – Henry Miller   This is The Heavenly Lake bordering the Jilin Province of China and North Korea. I hope to take the train to visit here when I arrive in Changchun. I’ll take my own photo once I do, I promise. It is only a short week away before I embark on a journey to the far east, to the highlands of northeastern China. Though I expect, as this photo suggests, that my eyes will have the opportunity to engorge themselves with fresh vistas and breathtaking scenes of oriental antiquity, sightseeing is far from the primary goal of this journey, though it will certainly be a perk. No, more than anything, it is fresh ideas that I am starving for. My eyes don’t need to be engorged, so much as they need to be replaced. Not only do I hold out hope for a new way of seeing things, I hope to the see the world with a whole new pair of eyes.