Frozen Astral Spheres of Yesteryear

Shawn Levesque
54 minutes ago near Yalta, UkraineImage
A rider between the seams
Both a nightmare and a dream.
Though I’d love to pull the reigns
To enjoy surcease from pains,
I know this ride is long, and steep.
But time is on our side, my love.
And I know we soon shall reap
The opalescent pearls, my dove,
That we have planted, as seeds,
Scattered across the beach of time.
I stare across a vast expanse.
Desolate, dark, and cold.
The shadows of my past remain here.
And that hourglass is old.
The flaming hooves of my midnight steer
Scar the infertile turf.
Her wild, stark white orbs both peer
Across the frozen wastes.
I’ve paused…
To look back.
My spirit’s trail stares back.
The hairs rise along my neck
And the shades of yesteryear beckon
Inviting me to dance backwards. Again.
Nightmare senses my retreat,
And starts forward with a jerk,
Pulling me from my revelry, past glories
Past shames.
She’s right.
I draw tight, my cloak of dreams,
Star white, and blotched the black of night.
It’s summer somewhere. But not here.
Never here.
In frozen Astral spheres.
Riding through your yesteryear.

– Shawn Henri Levesque