Crystal Perfection



“Crystal Perfection”

And so you’ve put aside your timid dread,
And ventured boldly forward, into my head.
The heart was where you thought the treasure lies,
Yet still, after the dispatching of your spies,
You carried on incessantly, this drive,
To gather the intelligence, penetrate the hive.
I smiled down from the battlements, assured,
Amused, confident and smug, inured
In my position. Secured in my assumptions,
Well armored in my Science, no disruptions
From your feeble quarter could ever hope
To cross these frozen wastes and slopes.
Didn’t you already know? I KNOW! Knowwww. knowwww…
That I care to know.
Now go…

And as the four winds howled, you… YOU!
Broke the rules, the contract – smeared!
I turned my frigid back, what did you do?!
But stain my crystal perfection with your tears,
And teach to me, in your vulnerability,
What it really means to fear.